Monday, March 26, 2012

Plunge Protection Team

Market goes down for one week and the Fed's back with another save the stock market QE3 press conference.  If anyone out there still is thinking about this with fundamentals or market analysis there's no need Fed doesn't want the market to go down.  Please note that the market is not the economy and I said save the market.

 See if you can pick out where the morning Bernanke speech was.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Unbiased Opinions

Love unbiased opinions.  That's like asking a used car salesman if you should buy a car, or asking a real estate agent is now a good time to buy a house.  The answer is going to not be no.  Since it NCAA Tourney time that's like a high school basketball star asking Tom Izzo or Bill Self which school should I go to.  Do you think Izzo's going to say you'd fit perfectly at Ohio State you should go there instead of Michigan State?

I do like the argument made also.  Basically buy stocks because bond's are going to suck.  Really that's the whole thought out idea bond will go down so you have to buy stocks?

Thursday, March 15, 2012

2008 Again

So we're back up to 2008 stock levels.  Everyone agrees now that back then we where all crazy for not seeing the bubble before it happened.  We all know now that the credit expansion and easy money was not sustainable and we'd never get into that situation again because it's so obvious, I mean we cann't even figure out how we missed it the first time.
So right now the stock markets back to that level we all know was a bubble in 08, so what's the justification now.  I love all the articles about people staying out of stocks and are still afraid.  What?  Everyone is buying, everyone.  That's why the prices are so high.  Price goes up because more people are buying then selling.  So the last time stocks got this high it was fueled by easy mortgage money now it's easy Fed money, so is that going to be different?

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Stress Test

So apparently everyone's real excited about the stress test results.

Analogy of the Day

Watching the stock market now is like watching a guy who keeps going "all in" with just a pair of 8's.  Yes it's a hand and maybe it worked once earlier, but what are the odds that it'll keep working all night.

Friday, March 9, 2012

NFP Friday

Jumped on the jobs report but that 1366 on the ES seems to be the magnet right now.  Oil is still high enough to do damage at 107   Basically it looks like we're losing a little upward momentum that's been there this whole year.

Greek away

I love watching the everything's ok in Europe media parade as Greek Bonds go higher.  Ya that's over 1000%.